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Renault CAN CLiP v163 Télécharger en Mega

Renault CAN CLiP V163  diagnostic interface is developed! Here download the V163 CLiP software use for free!
Renault CLiP V163 download ISO:
Note: CLIP V163 has not yet tested by professionals. That is, it is the unknown with safe now. It is advisable to use  Renault CLIP V162 for safety reasons  :

CAN CLIP diagnostic tools for testing the V163 CLIP software: The
first test CLIP 163 technicians on the quality A +++ Renault CAN CLIP for the PCB following -Dessous:
In the PCB, engineers add the   high quality chip CYPRESS CYPRESS AN2135SC or AN2136SC.
The newly AN2135SC chip / AN2136SC   solved the communication problems   of older versions CLIP. This work marks CLIP  more stable  and can be  used for a long period.
The use of other versions of Renault CLIP diagnostic interface disconnects if users have no operation for about 10 minutes after a successful communication to the car.
Renault CAN CLIP  for sale:  € 149

CAN CLIP Details for Renault diagnostic interface:
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